Crochet Water Balloons

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

May is here, and weather is warming up! Before we know it, it'll be summer time!

A favorite childhood pastime... tossing water balloons. That mess, though! Yes, there are more eco-friendly rubber balloons out there now, but nobody likes cleaning up tiny bits of broken balloon from the yard.

That's where crocheted reusable water balloons come in! They are just as fun, and don't make a mess! Just soak in a bucket of water, and toss! Wash in a mesh bag when dirty.

Scroll down for the free pattern, or click here to purchase the printable PDF from my shop!

Crocheted Reusable Water Balloons Pattern

You will need:

Blanket yarn ( I used Bernat Blanket)

Size 9mm crochet hook

Tapestry needle

Stitch Guide:

Magic Ring

sc - single crochet

sl st - slip stitch

dec - single crochet two stitches together

Pattern Notes:

Balloon is worked in a continuous round, do not join unless otherwise specified. Stitches in parentheses are repeated to the end of the round. Increase stitches are marked by 'x' number in front of the sc.

Round 1: In a magic ring, sc 6. (6)

Round 2: 2sc around (12)

Round 3-6: sc around (12)

Round 7: (dec)x6 (6)

Round 8: (dec, sc)x2 (4)

Round 9: (3sc, sc)x2, sl to join (8)

Fasten off, tie ends to secure, and weave in.

There you have it! Your water balloon is complete!

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Please enjoy this free pattern, but please do not copy or distribute as your own. You are welcome to sell your completed project using this pattern. If you wish, I ask you to reference back to me so others may enjoy this pattern, as well.  ​

Thank you so much for your support!

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